Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Asking the right questions

There is a moment in life when one should stop everything and stare right back at oneself.  Look at you.  Look at who you are, where are you standing, your surroundings.  Acknowledge everything about you, your sadness, your joy, your restlessness... what moves you and what stops you flat.

In that moment, in that precise second, ask.  Talk to yourself and find out that thing, the splinter that's holding you back.  Look for the burning sensation on the mouth of your stomach, dare to dig that place that you've put aside, where you hide the leftovers of your busy life, and ask.  The questions are personal, and they will reveal themselves to you.  Look for them, embrace them, and them start the transformation.

Be prepared.  This exercise is the beginning of it all.  When we ask the right questions, a revolution starts within our soul.  These questions are the fuel needed for progress, for evolution.  They remove the rust on our brain and challenge us in limitless ways.

Life should not be a series of accidents.  Take charge, and believe.

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