Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where I'm standing...

Yesterday I spent a good hour of my afternoon reading this whole blog.  Literally.  It's been almost a year when I decided I was going to try to make my photography mine.  I have grown tremendously since then.  This is where I am now.

First of all, I got paid for my first event. yeay!! My dear friend Nalexa, from Fairy Wings Boutique, has really turned out to be my own fairy godmother.  I have helped her out with her business, she has helped me out making sense of this transitional stage of mine.  And yes, I have made some wings and tutus along the way.  We are currently working together on the creation of Fairytale Birthdays at Home, which is an event planning service for magical birthdays.  Really cute.

Secondly, there's Etsy.  I have to admit that I went a little bit over the top with the Etsy shop.  Yes, is still up and running, but it is really a sideshow, something extra.  So I'm just toning it down a bit.  I have started selling photography in both and  Here are some of the pictures I've posted.

If you like any of my photography and wish to support this project of mine, please visit any of my shops.  I will be very happy to meet you over there :)

Rustika Photography is coming along.  Along with FWB, I am getting in contact with some beautiful children for me to photograph in order to finish up my portfolio once and for all.  I am also working with my sister in law developing an image for the brand, so that is in the works.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this little blog of mine.  By doing this, you are allowing me to connect with other souls like you that are looking to make great things too.