Friday, October 30, 2009

Three months later...

Life happened. Things got complicated. I left my soapmaking aside.

Whenever a life-changing event presents itself, everything else stops. The drive which had you doing and thinking on everything else changes its course, and now all the energy redirects on solving problems and dealing with miscommunication. It is tiresome.

But, even though your life gets momentarily out of synch, everything else continues being. That is the case with the Doral Farmers' Market (follow the link to visit their blog).

I got involved with the market ever since day one. My dear friend Andrea has been working very hard for the market to happen, and she's been counting on my soapmaking efforts. My original idea was to sell my soaps on the market and be the Soap Lady, as we've been joking all this time. But everything collapsed above my head and I just couldn't continue experimenting.

Then, I met Rob. He's just a dude who happens to make soap. How cool is that! I met him at the Coconut Grove's market. He's the founder and owner of Earthistry, and his line of products are just excellent. Plain and simple soaps filled with the good stuff.... olive oil, essential oils, natural products. So, my entrepeneur spirit kicked in. I'm buying his soaps and selling them at the market. At least this season, until I can get my act together and continue learning the craft.

Tomorrow's the first day at the market and I have everything ready to start. I'll keep you posted on how things turn out. Wish me luck!