Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let your breath be your witness

I went to Yoga class today. We had a different teacher, and it was a totally different feeling.  The energy was paced and soothing, and my movements were easier to follow.  Perhaps I'm getting better.  Or maybe the leader's energy agreed with me in some way.

If you've ever been to a Yoga class, you know how breathing is important.  The inhale and exhale mark the  ins and outs of movements and poses.  As the class intensifies, your breathing does too.  It makes us aware of our bodies; it draws our attention to our present.  Those uncomfortable poses challenge our rigid sense of self.  The straightforward idea of all things vertical disappear, leaving only the comfort of a twisted heart and soul.  It was during one of those twists when the teacher said to the class, "Breath.  Let your breath be the witness of yourself." That line spoke to me so dearly.  It clearly stated the intimacy of the Yoga.  You, meeting with your own self in a delightful state of concentration and achievement.

I wish I had more of this intimacy with my own self.  I was reading on some Yoga online forum on the intentions people bring to their practices.  It is at the beginning of every class where we state our own intentions, our own energy.  I usually put my energy towards me, being a better person.  I walk around with myself every single moment, and it is my intention to be at peace with me, to the person that I truly am, and not the person I think I am.  There's a huge difference.  For the most part of my 33 years of age (soon to be 34), I have fed the person I have thought I am.  I'm done with that.  My true self is much more, and I plan to meet with me daily, for the rest of my life.  To spend more time breathing awareness and letting my breath be my witness in the process.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Considering Children Photography

This is my first attempt at baby photography. Of course, I have photographed children before, but not in my tiny studio, and not with a one year old.  Uffff.... it was fun alright! The baby girl was a vivacious one, curious and wanting to touch everything and anything she could lay her hands on.  Most of the first half of the session was an attempt on my part to get at least a couple of good pics.  I wanted to get everything in the frame... head, arms, feet.... and truthfully, it was the biggest challenge ever. But, after a while, her energy started waning down, and that's when I was able to get this one good shot.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Yoga photography and more....

Well.... looks like it's picking up.  I have a couple of new projects and I am really excited about all of them.

Yoga.  I started practicing Yoga about two years ago.  Truthfully, like many other ideas I've had in the past, I started it and didn't follow it. I have to admit that I have a tendency to get hyper and psyched about things, and then letting them drop.  I'm like a kid that wants a toy and cries and cries until it gets it, and then he gets bored and puts it aside.  Yep, that's me alright.  But yoga is such a great exercise, that I've always wanted to put my mind into it and master it.  And since I have more free time than I used to, I decided to rejoin my old yoga school.  My teacher was really happy to see me again and welcomed me in as if I have never left.

I also approached her with my photography and we are already starting a yoga photography project.  We are both excited and looking forward for the photo shoot session this next week.