Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Invention and Making

I had forgotten about Ted for too long.  Yes, the website.  A place exclusively designated for intelligent conversations.  Talks by great thinkers for curious and open receptors.

I found this inspiring talk on inventing and making things.  The title suggests that "We are all makers".  Yes, I believe we are.  I believe human beings have an extraordinary capacity for understanding how things work, the why's and how's of mechanical functions.  I believe that we have enough sensitivity to create magical worlds through literature and visual imagery, to compose astonishing musical pieces that can elevate the spirit into a higher ground.  We all can make anything we want.  We can transform our realities by the power of choice.  But we first have to choose we want to make these things.  You first need to believe you are a maker too.

For all of you crafters, artists and idealists, here is the conference for you to view.....

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  1. TED talks are always amazing. I have yet to watch one that I haven't found enlightening and thought-provoking! I can't believe I never thought of sharing them - thanks for bringing these into the spotlight!

    Karen (aka Mysticwynd)