Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Etsy Featured Shop: Ardent Reverie

San Diego has a lot in common with Miami: great weather, the sea, art, and of course, excellent handmade artists.

And this is the location of my latest Etsy discovery.  Ardent Reverie turns out to be a collaboration of two sisters with beautiful ideas.  Yarn, beads, fabric, paint, and canvas serve as medium in their creative enterprise.  Colorful, simple and eclectic, this little shop calls for the bohemian (like me) to explore and acknowledge their exquisite taste.

and my favorite of all, is this mixed media art.  I include the items description:
Original painting done in acrylic paint.
Actual fabric and thread are sewn into the canvas. In addition the needle used is also attached. 

Ardent Reverie also has a webpage where they keep their followers up to date on their creative adventures.  Check them out and discover this authentic Etsy store.

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