Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Etsy Feature Shop: A little bit of Sunshine in the middle of Winter

This morning Miami woke up with a mist hanging from the clouds.  It was foggy and cold, and I wondered where was my dear friend Sunshine when we needed it the most.

And I found it!! LoveElycia kept it in her Etsy shop.  Sunshine was so happy there, that pulled me in with him and showed me all the fun and beautiful collection this shop has.

I particularly liked this "Speak your Mind" art prints

I think I'll get me one of these silly mustaches

A lovely spring dress for the sunny days ahead

LoveElycia also has a really funky and entertaining blog that kept me browsing and reading for a while.  It is really exciting to find lovely spirits that share the same good energy.

Here is her blog address...