Thursday, December 16, 2010

With a cup of coffee...

I got up this morning so cold, that I rushed into the kitchen and made myself a warm and yummy cup of coffee.  Us latin girls like our coffee with milk and sugar.  Steamy and comforting.

So, it is with this hot treat that I come to write.  Writing always has a way with my mind: it quiets it down.  I'm in a constant conversation with myself, and I often think this is the reason why I loose so much hair. My hair falls down like quiet snow does on a winter night.  No, I'm not bald, but I do loose more hair than I know is normal. 

My photography has been on hold for a month now.  I went on a little trip with my sweetheart to NYC.  I know New York pretty well, so I offered my tour guide services to him and he accepted.  We walked and walked like two crazy people! And even though I've been to this city so many times, just being there with him made it so much different.  I had my birthday on a cruise by the Hudson River.  The sun set while we were on it and the city looked amazing.  The lights, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Bldg.... all those places looked so new to me from that perspective.  Sometimes we think we know everything later to find out that we don't.  I think that's about true with everything.  Think hard and you'll know what I'm talking about.

With November gone, December came with all the cold in the world.  We were happy we were able to leave the North before all the snow started to fall.  But oh, it's been 30 degrees in Miami! That's crazy, I know.  I'm enjoying it while it lasts.  With my warm cup of coffee, I'll be able to beat the cold over and over again.

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