Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's an Etsy thing

Ok, so by now you all know how I dig the whole handmade market revolution.  I've been an Etsy buyer for a long while now, and have actually helped some friends to put up their stores shooting good looking pictures.  I have contemplated the idea of putting up a store of mine, but I just didn't know what to sell.  Of course, selling photography would be my first obvious choice, but I'm not quite there yet.  There is a tight competition of really good photographers and I just don't want to show up with some crappy, unprepared collection.  I have to think this through.

But then my sweetie instructed me on how to make handmade woven thread bracelets.  Ta Daaaaa! I'm hooked. Obsessed.  Literally. And I did a test.... I put up a store and just started selling personalized bracelets, and so far, there's an interest.  There's a cool market out there wanting colorful, funky bracelets, and I just love it :-)  Here is a sample of what customers have requested....

No, don't worry, I won't go overboard and start posting non-stop propaganda on this blog, but be aware that I will be sliding in some posts here and there on Etsy life and how it all works.  It's really worth the try...

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