Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Here soapy, soapy

I am shopping for soaps.  The last purchase I did was back in November, for my birthday.  It was a pretty depressing birthday and needed to treat myself with something nice.  I bought soaps.

Eight months have passed and today I opened the last bar of my birthday shopping spree.  I have cried so much during those months, and most of it has been in my bath, with my soaps.  Today, my spirit is much different.  I am looking forward to new ways of presenting myself to the world, and to attempt a completely different approach for becoming. So, the soaps that I will be buying now will have a totally different task.

And speaking of becoming...  The pictures I have been taking for Fairy Wings Boutique are coming along.  We are planning different shoots and marketing ideas. Here is a picture I took of one pair of wings.  We went to the beach at sunset and the pictures came up pretty nice.  I have no idea what this project will bring.  I am meeting new and very creative people along the way, and is really exciting.  Tonight I will be visiting a Handmade market in North Miami.  As far as I know, this is the only Handmade market in the area.  I have my hopes high so let's see what this visit will bring. 

I encourage these types of Markets.  They gather together a community that would otherwise be secluded. The most cost-effective way for an upcoming Handmade business to actually sell their creations is through a website.  The face to face interaction with clients is out of the picture. So, if you happen to find a Farmers or Handmade market in your area,  go for it.

I will continue my search for soaps now.  I will keep you posted on my final picks.  If you have any sugestions, bring 'em on!

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