Thursday, June 17, 2010

An adventurous Spirit

I am a true follower of the Handmade movement.  I see it as the precise spot where skill meets ingenuity.  Take out the factories and the cookie cutter molds, put in creativity, attention to detail, dedication, and... you got yourself a unique piece.  One special something that will make the difference on this vast sea of random merchandise.

The trick, however, is how to make your handcraft idea into a successful business.

Like any other business, it takes a lot of guts to make it work.  A lot of planning and experimenting.  Practicality, a lot of sense, but above all, a lot of Spirit.  Whenever I meet a new Handmade entrepreneur,  my eyes focus and I get curious on knowing what drives this person into doing it.  What idea is moving this person into putting so much into something that it may not work.

Adventure.  The thrill, the risk, the trust you put in yourself.  Why shouldn't it work? It could be the best idea you will ever have, and it could be THE idea.

Trust your instincts.  Plan carefully.  Enjoy your craft.  Work hard.  It will pay off.

*I would love to hear your story, wether good or bad, or you don't know yet.  Thanks for reading.

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