Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New interest

I didn't know paper could be such an interesting thing.  I have suddenly found a passion with origami, and now I see papers everywhere.  I touch them, feel their texture, and wonder if any of them will fold nicely while I try to make a new figure.  I have fallen in love with paper and there's no turning back...

Now, Photography is the truest of all my loves.  And I am making progress.  I found a Meetup group called Light-Pro Photography here in Miami and woohoo!, I think I found something really good.  I will be learning everything that has to do with the usage of lighting, and that precisely is the difference between a photographer and a Professional Photographer.  Knowing to use light in your favor. Manipulate it.  Not just counting on the random good shot.  Doing one excellent shot after another, knowing exactly what to do to accomplish it each and every time.

I have also started on my Product Photography website.  Color Depth Design is working with me in that department.  Too many options..... and looking forward to go through them all.